Here are 100+ free samples to get inspired and used in your productions during these lockdown days.

Inspired by YouTuber Hainbach who released an “Isolation Loops” free sample pack at the beginning of the lockdown, and soon followed by Jamie Lidell who released in own a little while after that, I thought I’d follow up and share some of my own self-made samples I accumulated over the years.

Like Hainbach and Jamie, I focused on my signature sound and my own go-to techniques to build my pack.

You’ll find samples made with the Eurorack modular system I used to own and a lot of sounds coming from guitars, lapsteel and dobro,  altered in various ways.

I think there’s something for everyone in there: from IDM, EDM, hip hop, techno, industrial or ambient and so on. I guess some sounds could find their place in videos and movies as well.

You get 48 loops & samples and 2 multi-sampled instruments that you’ll be able to map in your sampler and play.

No strings attached: they are free to use as you want in your work (including commercial use). The only thing you are not authorized to do is to redistribute them as samples.

I’d be stocked to be able to listen to what you did with them so don’t hesitate to send me your work !

Have fun and be creative !

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