I’m very pleased to introduce you to FINGERPRINTS, my new E.P, released by Silber Records as part of their 5 in 5 Series.

This series consist of 5 tracks EPs for 5 minutes of total running time. More than 40 EPs have been released so far (all available for listen on Spotify), Fingerprints is my contribution to the collection.


Building on the idea of the hand and its 5 fingers, I wanted the tracks to be different, yet be linked and part of a whole.

To translate this musically, I decided I would only use guitars and effects as sound sources and push their use in different directions. I also wanted each track to begin with a sound from the previous one.

I started the recording with those basic concepts in mind and basicaly improvised and experimented a lot, trusting my instinct & hoping that those 5 tracks would make sense as a whole in the end.

Each track ended up representing an aspect of my guitar approach, making them “fingerprints” of my style.

There’s a polyrhythmic prepared-guitar based groove (Versus), a haunted eastern music piece (Pulling the trigger), a lush ambient/post-rock track (Flipping the bird), a heavy and scary drone (La corde au cou) and some kind of glitch IDM groove making heavy use of effects and live-looping magic tricks (Yubitsume).

This make the EP a very short but quite accurate introduction to what I do, like a DNA sample of my music.

It was a very interesting experience to work on such short tracks and to try an improvisational approach for a recording that had to have a studio mindset.

I hope you enjoy it !

Huge thanks to Brian John Mitchell for giving me the opportunity to do this !

Fingerprints is available on Bandcamp.

Fingerprints by ƘɸƴԼ

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