FINGERPRINTS, The EP I released on Silber Records as part of their 5in5 series received a bunch a reviews since its release:

Chain D.L.K. wrote about “a work which stands up as a strong 5-minute mini-adventure

Fingerprints review by Chain D.L.K.

Yeah I Know It Sucks said it was pretty nice but were hungry for more. Go see why they encourage you to “get your fingerprints all over it” here:

Fingerprints reviewed by Yeah I Know It Sucks

The Sunday Experience wrote some very nice words here:

Fingerprints review by The Sunday Experience

This Year In Music said it “shows what can be done with limited time, but maximum creativity“.

Fingerprints review by This Year In Music

Caliper Music was kind enough to post the EP on their pages:

Fingerprints on Caliper Music


Thanks everyone for taking the time to listen,  write and publish these. All this support means a lot !

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