“Toasted spice bread & peanut butter”: Track03 of the Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol.1

Did you know that Frances Ford Coppola includes a cooking recipe in all of his movies so, in case you don’t like the movie, you’ll get something out of it ?
Well, this 3rd track of the Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol.1 is me applying Coppola’s idea…

“Toasted spice bread & peanut butter” is the 1st improvisation I recorded with my electrified Dobro.

I also used new effects and new looping techniques.
As a result, it has quite a different taste than the previous ones.

Listen and decide for yourself:

Oh, and here is the recipe of the toasted spice bread & peanut butter:


1- Take a slice of spice bread and put in in a toaster.
2- Set the toaster on very moderate heat.
3- Toast the bread one. Wait for it to cool down.
4- Toast the bread one more time.
5- While the bread is still hot, put peanut butter on it.
6- Wait for tha whole thing to cool down.
7- Eat alongside a nice cup of tea or coffee.

(Needless to say that it tastes better when you’re listening to the track, which of course makes the track better as well)

I hope your tastebuds and ears will enjoy this.

Thanks for listening (and tasting) !