“Tanger in Dreams”: New track available on The Sunburnt Soundscapes Compilation (Onyudo)

The Sunburnt Soundscapes Compilation released by the Oakland, California-based Netlabel Onyudo
 is composed of 24 very eclectic tracks & artists.

Track 18 is my contribution to it.
It’s a new, previously unreleased and improvised soundscape made using only an electrified Dobro, effect pedals & live-looping.

A drone, a gong like percussion, fuzz tones, controlled feedback, oriental licks swallowed by electronics and spitted back in new forms… all sounds are coming from an instrument that is now considered traditional but was futuristic when it was invented in the 30s, and enhanced with modern electronics.

I called it « Tanger in Dreams »  because it reminded me of Tanger: it’s built on both traditions and innovations, it’s a mix of the modern and the ancient.

Also, you won’t be so surprised if I tell you it was recorded after weeks of listening a lot to the « Only Lovers Left Alive » O.S.T., SQÜRL, and the records Jim Jarmusch & Jozef Van Wissem did together.

Making improv is either hit or miss and I must say I’m very happy with what came out of this one.

Listen and Download it for free here: http://onyudo.com/#!/albums/sunburnt-soundscapes
Learn more about each of the artists who contributed to this compilation here: 

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