Nostalgia For A Forsaken Future (EP)

This is « Nostalgia For A Forsaken Future » , a new record about renewal and the somewhat contradictive, happy sad feelings of finding yourself between the end of something and before the beginning of something else.



In the past few months I’ve been working on new ways to play and record music in a more direct & natural way. A new approach that will broaden the scope & sound of this project.
While doing so, I was working on completing a few tracks, all started at different times, using some of the several setups and approaches I tried in the past 2 or 3 years.


I’m now releasing them in an EP as a way to look back one last time at what this project was and a testimony of what it could have been. It’s like finding a very old picture of yourself and having no clue it was ever taken.


This release is some kind of time paradox parenthesis and hardly a hint of what lies ahead: this, even I don’t fully know at this point.
But rather than feeling nostalgic for this forsaken future, I’m pretty much excited about crossing the threshold into the unknown.
Step in with me, wipe your feet and please close the door behind you.


“Nostalgia For A Forsaken Future”  is available on Bandcamp.