Posted on 07/29/2017

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“En(s)t(r)angled”: a track with Lyz & He_lium for the Anti f:Orm compilation Vol.3

“En(s)t(r)angled” is a track I made in collaboration with Lyz (vocals) & He_lium (modular) for the Anti f:Orm compilation volume 3 released on belgian netlabel God Hates God Records. Anti f:Orm compilation volume 3 by GodHatesGodRecords Be sure to check the whole compilation here:

Posted on 01/24/2017

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FINGERPRINTS (5in5 EP) Reviews & Support

FINGERPRINTS, The EP I released on Silber Records as part of their 5in5 series received a bunch a reviews since its release: Yeah I Know It Sucks said it was pretty nice but were hungry for more. Go see why they encourage you to “get your fingerprints all over it” here: The Sunday Experience […]

Posted on 03/26/2016

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“Butterfly Dust” (Les Mondes Minuscules Video O.S.T.)

“Butterfly Dust” is the soundtrack I made for the introduction video of “Les Mondes Minuscules” (“Tiny Worlds”), an artwork project by Lucile Jaeghers aka HalLucilogene. This Paris-based artist breathes life back into once-world travelling postal stamps by turning them into butterflies. Using scissors, dedication and patience, she creates unique poetic and surrealist pieces which are both […]