Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol.1

« Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol.1 » is a collection of improvised recordings made solely on lap-steel guitars (electric & Dobro), effect pedals and live-looping devices.

There are two ideas at the core of this record:

Recording pieces that are a good representation of what I do when I play live. This was achieved using a strict and uncompromising mode of operation: Every tracks (except track 10) were 100% improvised and recorded in one-take. Everything on them: guitar playing, effects tweaking, live-looping and mixing, was done live. The resulting stereo tracks were shortened, then mastered. This gave no possibility of correcting mistakes or do any post-production tweaking: No safety net. This is basically a live-in-studio record.

– My other goal was to explore the possibilities of the lap steel guitar and Dobro in a new context and in styles in which they’re not usually found.
Ambient, drone and post-rock are colliding with glimpses of folk, blues and americana in tracks that feel more like journeys than traditional structured songs. Effects, preparations and advanced live-looping techniques are used to expand the voices of those instruments. Their strong personalities and the fact that every single sound, as electronic as it might seem, is originating from them makes those Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes coherent as a whole.
The lap-steel guitar DNA is still at the core of the music, but it has been updated to version 2.0.

Read THIS POST for more information about the gear used on this record and the technical side of it.

An Electronic Press Kit (including a Biography, Record Notes, Links & Hi-Res Pictures) is available here:

Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol.1 EPK