“Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol.1” Media Coverage & Features

I’d like to give thanks to the people & media who found enough interest into “Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol.1” to give it some public visibilty.

The main intention with this record was to have an accurate representation of what I do live so I can have a nice demo to get gigs. The whole point of this type of music is to be experienced in the moment while in a room full of people: This is where it truly comes to life. it’s less suited for individual or home listening, especially though the web. It asks that one give it time and attention to be fully appreciated. So it’s really heartwarming that some people believed enough in this music to give it some coverage and help spread the word.





  • And last but definitely not least, London-based music website Echoes & Dust published an extensive review written by Chad Murray. It’s very detailed, well written.. and it (still) makes me blush every time I read some of it !

Here’s a sample:

The final (hidden) track on the album is ‘Tanger in dreams’.

Welcome to the desert. Hear the tribal percussion, the bells and tambourines the ayahuasca psychedelic retro bleeding through the beat as though it has never left. Thick layers of distortion built up like towering sand dunes. The main slide drags the carcass to the mirage, I feel Soft Temple by Grails come to mind. Almost sitar like bends from the steel-lap against the ever expanding horizon. Mechanical rhythms sliver down disorientated against the dehydrated, oversaturated wasteland. You would be forgiven for thinking this track is an excerpt from the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack, it has all the necessary means to score such scenes. The conclusion of the track downs it down into a cavernous uncertainty. Sliding notes echo into the distance delayed, suppressed, attacked, erased. Venturing out into nothingness; the journey this finalé had taken us on all along. Built into a daze and taken on a trip like a vision quest for a hopeless hero Tanger in dreams finds clarity, resolve and resolution as it brings the album to a close.

I encourage you to read the whole review here: http://echoesanddust.com/2016/02/%C6%99%C9%B8%C6%B4%D5%AC-modular-glitchtar-soundscapes-vol-1/

Thanks so much to all of them !