“LightFighter”: Art Movie made in collaboration with Aen

Hello !

It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to my 1st soundtrack work for a movie I did in collaboration with Aen, calledLightFighter“.

If you’re familiar with the guitar world, you probably already know Aen, aka YourOldPalAen, aka Supreme Commander of Dwarfcraft Devices / Devi Ever FX, two brands responsible for some of the most innovative and wild effect boxes available. If you don’t know anything about guitars, well… now you know !

Aen & I have been knowing each other for something like 7 years thanks to guitar forums (offsetguitar.com & the devi ever fx forum). A few months after I released the first Le Principe d’Inconstance record “The End of The Beginning”, he reached to me saying he wanted to make a movie and asked me if I wanted to make the music.
I said Yes and provided him with a soundtrack made with pieces of released & unreleased Improvisations.

Because of this time-consuming thing called “life”, it stayed on the shelves for 5 years, until now.

The result is an art/experimental movie made of haunting, pyschedelic and synapse confusing visuals with an ambient, drone, post-rock & no-wave soundtrack, made solely with (extended) guitars, effect pedals & live-looping.

Close the curtains, put your stereo up, and watch it here: https://youtu.be/KzQrZR6sixQ

Have a nice trip !




1- LightFighter is a part of #52in15 video series by Aen: One video per week in 2015. Watch all the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP41bNq7Vi6SOuIpXlVZrfNTm69QHGj0b

2- Aen also makes music ! Check out his Bandcamp: https://aenmusic.bandcamp.com/ and his once dead, now resurected great band, The Ronald Raygun: https://theronaldraygun.bandcamp.com/