“Butterfly Dust” (Les Mondes Minuscules Video O.S.T.)

Butterfly Dust” is the soundtrack I made for the introduction video of “Les Mondes Minuscules” (“Tiny Worlds”), an artwork project by Lucile Jaeghers aka HalLucilogene.

This Paris-based artist breathes life back into once-world traveling postal stamps by turning them into butterflies.
Using scissors, dedication and patience, she creates unique poetic and surrealist pieces which are both reminiscent of the glorious past of the original material and evocative of a new found freedom.

The video was shot & directed by La Team Collective.


The music was made prior to the video shooting: the idea was to make a whole track to use as the basis and then edit or modify it so it fits the video length and overall mood and intention.

You can listen to and download both the original & video versions here:

This soundtrack might seem like a departure from what I released so far: it’s definitely more arranged but still very much based on guitar sounds.

  • The strings that sound like they were taken from a slightly warped 78 rpm vinyl record were done on guitar, by layering each notes of each chords individually.
  • The fade-in chords in the 1st part are processed Dobro sounds.
  • I did the hi-pitched reversed chords in the 2nd part (starting at 2″15) by recording each chords with an acoustic guitar played with a mallet. I then pitched them up 2 octaves and reversed them.

The only non-guitar based sounds are the music box, the bass and the big drum beat in the 2nd part of the track.

For the other rhythmic elements, I did a recording session in which I rubbed, scratched, cut and teared down sheets of paper and captured the click sounds of a small metal box as it opens and closes. I used all those sounds as the lighter “drum” sounds.

Enjoy the music and be sure to visit HalLucilogene’s blog: http://hallucilogenebylucile.blogspot.fr/