ƘɸƴԼ is a textural guitarist, electronic musician, improviser and composer based in Lille, France.

With a guitar style founded on unusual playing techniques, alternate tunings, live-tweaked effect pedals and elaborated methods of live-looping, ƘɸƴԼ creates immersive, cinematic sonic multi-universes that aim for the harmony of paradoxes and the tension of the in-between.

Born of necessity to conquer some physical disabilities, this distinctive approach to the guitar has blossomed as a way to transcend the instrument, empowering him to find new possibilities for it.

More than being the foundation of a recognizable guitar sound, this hacking and line-blurrying modus operandi also fuels ƘɸƴԼ’s composition process and production style: abstract or melodic, raw and ethereal, venturing into ambient, post-rock, electronic music, industrial, post-punk or experimental, this common thread allows the music to both remain coherent and be the true expression of its maker.


From 2009 to 2011, ƘɸƴԼ self-released 3 records and played live as Le Principe d’Inconstance.
This solo project was the spark to using guitar alongside sound-on-sound looping as a live-composition tool.


Eager to learn more about the electronic side of music, he spent the next 3 years studying electronic music production and sound design. This eventually gave birth to an experimental/industrial techno side-project called Leikkuri.


In 2014, with a refreshed interest for the guitar and new perspectives on electronics, ƘɸƴԼ started to record improvised soundscapes again, but this time, with lap steel guitars and more advanced live-looping techniques.

Released at the pace of one per month, those new tracks form the now-completed “Modular Glitchtar Soundscapes Vol.1” and display a more melodic side of his sound.

Fingerprints was released in October 2016 on Silber Records as part of their 5in5 series. Following the “5 tracks in 5 minutes” rule of the series, This compact EP is an eclectic journey expanding on Koyl’s guitars + effects + live-looping formula in a more studio-oriented mindset.