Back from the Belgian Modular Festival 2017

Lyz and I had a great time playing and spending the day at the Belgian Modular Festival on June 3rd.

Many Thanks to everyone who was there this past Saturday, and especially the festival and Barlok crew for the warm welcome and dedication.

This gig will go down in history as the starting point of a new chapter: the music we performed was something quite unheard from me, and the collaboration with Lyz was the 1st of many others to come (more on that later).

We were supposed to record our set but there’s nothing but silence in the file so we’re left with a few pictures, a lot of great memories and this short video:

… but all is not lost if you didn’t attend because we decided to record a live-in-studio version of that gig.

Here is a short video showing a bit of what happened during these 3 days: